Supervised IT Solution for Professional service Firms
Truth 2 IT protect your business and ensure you can get work done efficiently every day with an IT solution customized for your business need and requirements. Our team of experts enables them to control the power of cutting-edge technologies and protect sensitive data. We cover Businesses like PR firms, investment Brokerage, real estate brokers, law firms, or any other industry. Truth2IT assists you to utilize the right IT solution at the right price for the right reasons.
Need of IT Solution for Professional Service Firms

● Maintain the confidentiality of your business private Information in a fully-encrypted cloud database.,
● Use authentication to avoid data breaches.
● Keep email and other important applications ready to serve your
business 24/7 in the cloud database for use anytime, anywhere.
● Backup all your crucial records and important data to the cloud, and keep them safe from any normal or man-made disasters.
● Abide by compliance with industry regulations that supervise your
data storage and access to avoid penalties, like FISMA or PCI.
● Configured firewalls and anti-virus protection in your networks
against intrusion and malware.